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Swanage Sea Rowing Club's primary aim is to promote community participation in healthy recreation by providing facilities for sea rowing in Swanage.

The Club raises money to provide equipment through members' subscriptions, a variety of fundraising events and very hard work by its members. Sea rowing causes considerable wear and tear on the equipment from oars to the gigs themselves. Each donation is important no matter how large or small it is - if you would like to help SSRC, please contact the Club Secretary on or complete a Donation form. If you would prefer, please  contact the club about making an electronic /internet banking payment - details will be provided.

A new gig now costs over £23,000
A new trailer now costs £3,000
A set of oars costs £1,700

We therefore welcome local people and businesses to become involved in the Club through sponsorship. We can ensure that your name or logo is included in the Club's publicity material, should you desire it.

If you would like further information on sponsorship, please contact our fundraising officer via the